AI Now Launches “Regulating Biometrics: Global Approaches and Open Questions”

The AI ​​Now Institute has assembled, under the direction of Amba Kak, 8 case studies on the regulation of biometric recognition technologies. As they are freely available and of interest to the question of AI, we should not deprive ourselves of them:

The State of Play and Open Questions

Australian Identity-Matching Services Bill

The Economy (and Regulatory Practice that Biometrics Inspires: A Study of the Aadhaar Project

A First Attempt at Regulating Biometric Data in the European Union

Reflecting on the International Committee of the Red Cross's Biometric Policy: Minimizing Centralized Database

Policing Uses of Live Facial Recognition in the United Kingdom

A Taxonomy of Legislative Approaches to Face Recognition in the United States

BIPA: The Most Important Biometric Privacy Law in the US?

Bottom-Up Biometric Regulation: A Community Response to Using Face Surveillance in Schools

More details are available here.

And the whole document can be consulted here.

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